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Are you looking for a place to feel comfortable to have your waxing in Norwich? Our team are highly trained to effectively carry out your treatment making it as comfortable and quick as possible. Waxing is clean, effective, and long lasting.
We use a cream wax which enables a better grip to the hair root, making waxing less painful. For intimate waxing we use hot wax for quick removal making it as comfortable as possible.

Waxing Price List

Full Leg

Price: £38

1/2 leg

Price: £31.50


Price: £30.00


Price: £15.50

Bikini Line

Price: £20.00


Price: £14.75


Price: £14.75


Price: £30.00

Intimate Waxing

What's the difference between a Brazilian & Hollywood Wax?

Intimate waxing is one of our most requested wax treatments. Our team are highly trained and have years of experience waxing this area.

General Bikini Wax - will leave you with a modest amount of hair but tidy up the sides, top and underneath.

Brazilian Wax - will remove most of your pubic hair from underneath, leaving a well-groomed strip from the front of your pubic area and along the labia area.

Hollywood Wax - will remove all pubic hair from the bikini area leaving you completely hair free or a small area on the pubic bone such as a strip if you wish. This can also include the bum area if you wish.


Price: £38.00


Price: £38.00

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Book your treatment on the link below or if you have any questions feel free to make an enquiry and one of our team members will be happy to help you.