Laser Hair Removal

Looking for a salon/clinic in Norwich for effective pain free laser hair removal? We can remove unwanted hair from any area of your body.

At Charisma we have proudly partnered with award winning Laser machine manufacturer Lynton

Their machines are British manufactured and Medical CE -Marked and used in the NHS.

Fed Up with Waxing, Shaving, Plucking & in Grown Hairs? It's time for a PAIN-FREE long-term solution.

At Charisma our highly trained laser specialists understand the constant battle against unwanted hair and the impact it can have on your confidence and daily routine.

Shaving, waxing, and plucking are not only time-consuming but can also lead to skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Did you know that in a lifetime a woman spends on average 2 months of her life shaving, with men spending 6 months with a razor in their hand.

At Charisma we've been looking after our clients for the past two decades with expertise and dedication. As a multi-award-winning salon with a 5-star Google rating, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional laser hair removal services. Our long-standing reputation in the industry speaks volumes about the satisfaction of our valued clients. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constant maintenance and welcome a smoother, hair-free future with us at Charisma.

Make us your choice for providing you the most effective laser hair removal, in the safest and pain-free way.

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Before and after

hollywood after
hollywood before
After 1 treatment

What Our Clients Had To Say

  • WISH I HAD DONE IT SOONER! Well what can I say about my laser treatment with Chloe, from the start Chloe explained everything to me, and I felt completely at ease with her... I booked 6 sessions and today was number 3 and I would say my hair is nearly gone! Amazing results clean professional approach, completely happy. And Chloe is just professional and lovely, should have done it sooner.

    Lynne Green
  • Have had a course for underarm laser hair removal. What an amazing procedure. Nothing has grown back since my final session in December. Highly recommend this painless course with friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff.

    Angie Harbour
  • I've had such amazing results from laser hair removal! I'm so glad I made the investment into myself. I have half legs, underarms and hollywood done and it hardly takes any time at all and is virtually pain free (it can be totally pain free if you choose!) I've had 4 sessions so far, each session 6 weeks apart, and I barely need to shave in between. It's amazing! I saw results even after 1 session. I'm also so glad I chose Charisma. The ladies are so lovely and put you at ease straight away.

    Alice Halls

Your Laser Hair Removal Journey with Charisma...

Begins with a consultation and patch test.

We take our time and are extremely thorough during the consultation. This is our first step to understanding your goals. We like to make sure that you understand the procedure and how the treatment works. At this appointment we analyse your skin and hair type to determine the correct settings for you and carry out a patch test on an area of hair to ensure you are suitable for treatment.

We advise on how many treatments will be required, how frequent you must have them and we make your next appointment for your first full treatment before you leave.

We wait a minimum of 7 days between the patch test and first full appointment. Appointments are spaced between 4 - 8 weeks depending on the area to be treated. Our highly trained practitioners deliver the highest quality of treatment, in the safest most effective way.

Book A Consultation & Patch Test

£30 payable at time of booking

Areas of Treatment

Lip Chin, Jawline, Full Face
Chest, Back
Bikini, Brazilian, Hollywood

Prior to any single or course of treatment a consultation including patch test is required. At time of consultation our laser expert will give you professional advice and advise on the length of course required to gain maximum results.

Consultation price £30 – this is redeemable against a course of treatment.

(Please select Laser Hair Removal Consultation found under the Laser Hair Removal Tab)

What To Expect

What To Expect At A Laser Hair Removal Treatment...

At Charisma we have proudly partnered with Lynton Laser which is a medical grade machine designed specifically for use in our hospitals for the NHS. From treating your lip, chin, bikini area, full legs, underarm you can rest assured to be getting a result driven treatment.

  • Quick & effective- no down time, treatment times short, can be carried out in a lunch break. Results are seen after 1 treatment.

  • Delivered pain free - why choose a method that's painful when you can get results in a comfortable way.

  • Long term results- after a course of laser, say goodbye to covering up because you're hairy. No shaving everyday or waxing every month.

  • For men & women- we welcome both to Charisma.

During your appointment, you can expect a brief tingling sensation as the laser selectively targets hair follicles, leaving surrounding skin untouched. Our clients often describe the process as comfortable, and the session time is remarkably quick, depending on the treatment area. Afterwards, you may notice a mild redness or warmth, indicating the effective treatment of the targeted hair. Reclaim smooth skin confidently with our expert laser hair removal services – the ultimate solution for long-lasting results.

After 3 teatments

Can and Can't Treat

Laser hair removal is for you if

  • You have brown/dark unwanted hair

  • Fed up of waxing, shaving or plucking

  • Suffer from ingrown hairs

  • Suffer from PCOS

  • Suffer from shaving rash

  • Suffer from folliculitis

Reasons laser hair removal is not for you

  • You have blonde, white, grey, strawberry blonde hair

  • Under 18

  • Have very fine, fluffy hair

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Tattoos in the areas to be treated

  • Taking any photo-sensitivity medication

  • Have an autoimmune disease

  • Have keloid scarring

How Laser Hair Removal Works...

Ever wondered how laser hair removal makes unwanted hair disappear? Let's break it down in simple terms! Laser hair removal uses a special kind of light. It targets the hair follicles (the roots of your hair) without bothering your skin. Hair grows in different phases, and laser works best when your hair is actively growing. It's called the Anagen stage.

Finding the Hair: The laser looks for the colour in your hair called melanin.

Turning Light into Heat: Once the laser finds your hair, it sends a special light that turns into heat. This heat goes straight to the hair roots and destroys the hair root say.

Staying Cool: Don't worry; your skin stays cool. Our laser machine has cool tip technology to keep your skin comfy during the process.

Laser Hair Removal and PCOS...

Are you tired of the endless battle against unwanted hair caused by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? We understand the frustration, and that's why we're here to shed light on how Laser Hair Removal can be a game-changer in managing PCOS-related hair growth. However, it's crucial to set realistic expectations.

If you are suffering with PCOS, we have a blog which details how it can help.

Choose Our Laser Hair Removal Service:

  • Quick & effective- no down time, treatment times short, can be carried out in a lunch break. Results are seen after 1 treatment.

  • Delivered pain free - why choose a method that's painful when you can get results in a comfortable way.

  • Long term results- after a course of laser, say goodbye to covering up because you're hairy. No shaving everyday or waxing every month.

  • For men & women- we welcome both to Charisma.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser hair removal work?
When the applicator is placed against the pre-shaved skin a short pulse of light is released. This produces high heat which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The heat damages the hair follicle in such a way that it prevents hairs that are in active growth stage from regrowing. These hairs will naturally fall out within 1-3 weeks. A course of treatments will be required to treat all the hairs, as hair grows in different cycles. The required number of treatments varies, but typically six or more treatments are need for optimum results. These are had between 4 – 8 weeks apart.
Am I suitable for treatment?
Most people are suited for treatment however grey and white hair doesn’t contain any melanin so will not be suitable for laser hair removal.
What happens during your treatment time with us?

You will be greeted and welcomed in to our treatment room.

The area being treated will be:

  • Cleansed
  • You will be supplied with a pair of protective glasses to wear during treatment. Your laser expert will also be wearing glasses too. This is to protect your eyes from the laser.
  • During the treatment you will feel no pain on most areas and will just feel the sensation of the laser being moved back and fourth as it treats the area for 30 seconds.
  • Redness on the area is completely normal post treatment and a soothing cream will be applied to calm the area.
  • You will be given full aftercare at the end of your treatment.
Is laser hair removal painful?

From our personal experience no! Charlotte carried out lots of research into different technologies to find a pain free option. Of course certain body areas such as the full Hollywood may be slightly more sensitive but nowhere near anything like waxing.

STOP waxing, tweezing & threading

As we need to target the hair when it is in growth stage we recommend you do not use any of these methods of hair removal 1 month prior to treatment. For treatment to be effective the hair must be present in the follicle.

Do I have to do anything prior to treatment?

Yes, you will need to shave the area to be treated within 24 hours prior to treatment.

How long is the treatment time for laser hair removal?

The diode laser has ultra-fast treatment time. Time of treatment varies depending on the area to be treated. See the table above for specific times.

How will the skin feel after treatment?

Areas may feel warm but will be cooled down during and after the treatment to ensure things are comfortable. You can experience redness or bumps on the skin post treatment but this should subside within a few hours.

Can I only have laser hair removal in the winter?

NO. Our laser can be used all year round.


DO NOT pluck, tweeze, wax or use hair removal creams in the four weeks prior to treatment. You will be asked to shave the area the day before your treatment. It is also recommended that you use a minimum of SPF 30 for four weeks following treatment.

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