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One of my best friends was crying & I was pleased about it!

22 October 2020

Yes that's right, I was over the moon when I found out that one of my best friends was in tears! I wasn't concerned or worried what was wrong because they were tears of overwhelming happiness and shear amazement at what she saw in the mirror.

Once upon a time at aged 22 Nicola was 16 stone, she wore big baggy clothes, had zero body confidence, she certainly wouldn't have let me photograph her in her underwear and definitely wouldn't look in a mirror naked. Here she is pictured below, to me she has always been one of my beautiful friends inside and out, but she didn't feel that way about herself.

Non Surgical Fat Loss Treatment

Fast forward 20 years and thats all changed, Nicola was ready to make her life changing decision. She was fed up of being overweight, realised that it was time to make herself a priority, put herself first for a change and start her weight loss journey.

Nicola joined slimming world and over the years has lost an incredible 6.5 stone!

To this day she still attends the weekly group and is maintaining her weight loss.

However after such an impressive weight-loss Nicola was left with a hang on her tummy (excessive skin). She has also had 2 beautiful babies via c-section so the muscle in this area was also weak. As she lost the weight the skin didn't tighten back as it was before. She had even considered a surgical tummy tuck to have it removed. HOWEVER... she didn't need this as her friend (ME...Charlotte, writing this blog) had spent years researching into non surgical body contouring, targeted fat reduction technology and in 2020 launched Lipofirm Pro at Charisma Beauty Salon! I knew that this treatment would be perfect for Nicola.

Here we are a course of 8 treatments later and Nicola was crying. It was on treatment 7 the tears started flowing. Here is what Nicola had to say and how it has made her feel, plus her amazing before and after pictures.

"I have always wanted a tummy tuck but never been able to afford or see myself doing it so this was my way of having an alternative without having to go under the knife. I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't the most comfortable treatment to have but I soon got used to it and would say I looked forward to it and found it addictive. Each week I felt fab walking out of the salon, my stomach flatter and less bloated. On the 7th session I was overwhelmed, it made me cry with happiness when I looked at my pictures, I couldn't believe the difference, I am so pleased with my results, I'm certainly going to keep up my healthy eating and exercising. Thank-you"

Non Surgical Fat Loss Treatment
Non Surgical Fat Loss Treatment

Using this technology we can treat targeted fat reduction, cellulite treatment, bumlift, bingo wings, tummy contouring, skin tightening, thigh sagging and non surgical face lifting.

​If you are reading this blog and sitting thinking "that's me" pop me a message or pick up the phone and come and chat to me. My mission is to give all of our clients the transformations and confidence that they deserve. You will be under no obligation to proceed with treatment or a course but at least you will know what we can possibly achieve for you here at Charisma Beauty, Skincare & Aesthetics.

Have a wonderful day, thank you for taking the time to read my blog
Charlotte xxx