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Men deserve body confidence too!

25 September 2020

You think of inch loss treatments, skin tightening treatments, cellulite treatments, bum lift treatments and most people associate them as treatments for women, but why? Don't men deserve body confidence too?

Of course they do! I am a big believer that men should be welcomed into salons as much as women and deserve that feel good factor too.
If you notice at Charisma our decor is very neutral and isn't fluffy pretty pink and floral. This is deliberate! I want our male clients to feel just as welcome, relaxed and at home in our salon as our ladies.

Men suffer the same body confidence issues just as much as women, the difference is men don't always shout about it (I can write that, as I am a woman)
I am however going to shout about these results that one of our male clients is getting through our Charisma Transformation Programme. Let's call him 'Nick' (That isn't his real name, which I won't disclose for client confidentially purposes)

6 weeks ago Nick visited Charisma for his consultation for our Lipofirm treatment.

During consultation his therapist explained that the treatment works in a way that is natural to our body for lasting results. Radio Frequency liquidises the contents of the fat cell and DMA (dynamic muscle activation) then squeezes the fat from the cell. The fat is converted into energy and burnt like going to the gym, but significantly intensified.
Getting scientific the treatment causes a type of contraction called a supra maximal contraction and is much stronger than anything you could generate naturally by a gym visit.

From just 1 Lipofirm tummy contour treatment you will see a visible difference. Imagine that from laying back on our treatment bed for 25 minutes.

Nick's therapist also went through a medical consultation as well as listening to his body concerns, to make sure that he was fit for treatment and that the results he wanted were achievable. They decided on a 8 week treatment plan consisting of 8 tummy contouring treatments to be had at 1 per week.

​5 weeks on, here are his results so far.

fat loss treatment in Norwich
fat loss treatment in Norwich

Look at that definition appearing from the front view! From the side you can see his tummy shrinking down and the inch loss visible.
Nick said "I have had to put another hole in my belt"

It's not just about the inch loss it's about the confidence this incredible treatment gives you too. I can even see Nick is standing much more proudly for his after picture of his 5th treatment than the first image we took of him.

We haven't even finished with him yet, we still have another 3 treatments to go. (I will update this blog at the end of Nick's journey.)

If body confidence is something you are lacking, this could be the treatment for you. Male or female. At Charisma Beauty, Skincare & Aesthetics in Norwich we can treat

  • Inch loss
  • Skin Tightening
  • Bum Lifting
  • Cellulite
  • Fat reduction
  • Body Contouring

More information and before and after pictures can be found on our website

If you have questions about this treatment I have also filmed short videos answering FAQs which can be found on our youtube channel.

If you are reading this thinking, this is what I need, then book your consultation, you can make your booking by calling the salon on 01603 611223 during opening hours or make a booking 24/7 via our website. We would love to help you with your body concerns and give you the confidence you deserve.

Thanks for reading
​Charlotte xxx