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I've finally found a treatment to make me switch off and relax!! REFLEXOLOGY!

06 January 2018

If you know me, you will know I run my life at 100 miles an hour! I preach to everyone I meet the importance of "you time" but do you think I take my own advice... come on who does??

Don't get me wrong, when the opportunity arises to have a massage, I really enjoy it and the benefits of the treatment but I still lay on the treatment couch wondering how I can improve our clients experience (if it's one at Charisma) or if I am trying another spa/salon, I am scrutinizing their technique and the surroundings for new ideas ;-) I don't ever fully switch off.

However I have finally found the miracle treatment to make my mind and body switch off, REFLEXOLOGY! Let me tell you about my first experience.

Our therapist was finishing her reflexology course and needed case studies to achieve her qualification. I love a foot massage, an hour of someone massaging my feet, I am being a case study. How naive was I, Reflexology it is far more than an hour's foot massage, it is a total body & mind treatment.

As I got into the treatment room and laid on the bed the thought came to my head " I should have visited the toilet before my treatment" (you will see why this is relevant in a few paragraphs time)

Our therapist gave me a thorough consultation and explained what the treatment involved and what sensations to expect. She then began on my right foot and within minutes I felt myself switching off and sinking into the bed. I could actually feel my face and my jaw relax (sometimes in the morning I wake up and my jaw is sore, where even in my sleep I've been tense) I had completely switched off!

After the treatment had finished, I felt like I had been in a deep sleep. I knew I hadn't quite fallen asleep because I could remember the amazing feeling of Kellie performing the treatment on my feet, but I felt incredible. So relaxed but revived at the same time.

Now came the interesting part, our therapist was able to tell me which areas within my body had issues, such as sinus (which was spot on) she was even able to tell me that I need to use the toilet!!! How incredible is that! Just goes to show how much you can tell from your feet.

There are lots of benefits from reflexology and all very individual to each of us.

Our therapist explained Reflexology is great for the circulatory system, very detoxifying and brilliant for overall wellbeing. There are many health benefits from Reflexology when used regularly as a complimentary therapy. It is known for being a great treatment if you suffer from stress, depression and anxiety.

Personally, being someone who can feel stressed and also experiences anxiety, I can first hand from just one treatment understand how this would benefit sufferers massively!

My advice to everyone who has never had Reflexology... TRY IT! Get booked in today, come and see our therapists at Charisma Beauty Salon in Norwich. I can't wait for my next treatment and I will be practicing what I preach and learning to relax and have my "me time" through this treatment.

Enjoy xxx