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I've been winning skincare awards since I was 18 years old, so I knew how to treat my flair up of Acne Rosacea.

09 September 2020

That's right, I was 18 when my name "Charlotte Sims, Charisma Beauty in Norwich" was first announced as a winner of my first professional skincare award. I had to stand up in front of other therapists and salon owners to collect my award and I was terrified, shaking like a leaf, had no idea what to say as a thank you speech but I felt so proud.

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Fast forward 16 years and I still get nervous every time. You would think after 16 years, winning multiple awards yearly the nerves would have subsided but they haven't. Why? Because I am passionate about what I do, I believe wholeheartedly in what I offer and winning these awards proves I am an expert in the beauty & skincare industry.

So when my skin took a big hormonal change post breastfeeding my second baby this year I knew exactly what I needed to do to treat it. Just look how sore my skin had become.

Acne treatment in Norwich
Acne treatment in Norwich

A change in hormones had left my skin extremely dry, painful to touch and I had developed acne rosacea which had become infected. I took these images sat in my bath sobbing. (That is my daughters rubber duck in the background, not mine, wink wink)

If you are having the same skin troubles I had, I understand how you feel.

First thing first was some help from my GP and a course of antibiotics to help with the infection. I don't always agree with medication for skincare but in this instance I knew that was what I needed to start with to fight the infection.

It was then time to strip back my skincare routine and reset my skin.

I went back to basics and used products which we use at Charisma Beauty & Skincare Norwich in our professional salon treatments and recommend to our clients for result drive homecare products.

I kept it simple with a cleanse and tone morning and evening.

I then used specific products to protect my skin and give it the nourishment it needed.

Within a few weeks I saw a dramatic improvement. My skin was no longer dry, the soreness thankfully had gone, redness reduced and the infection had cleared. BUT one of the biggest changes was my confidence. I felt like me again, I felt I could confidently face the world without people staring at my skin wondering what was wrong with me. I was smiling again!

Acne treatment in Norwich
Acne treatment in Norwich

I know, you are scrolling up and down comparing the images and can't believe the difference. I have just done the exact same thing with tears of joy in my eyes at the transformation.

I have since gone on to have a courses of facials in salon, to achieve further results.

If you yourself have a skin concern like mine or any other skin concern you would like help with please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our skin care specialists will carry out a thorough consultation on your skin, pamper you with a full facial and then create a bespoke homecare prescription and treatment plan to get you the results you deserve.

Likewise if you have a friend, or family member who you know is also suffering with their skin, please share this blog with them. It could be the best help you could give them in overcoming a skin complaint that has affected them for years.

Love Charlotte xx